Creating an OnScale Account for BeamTool

Signing up for an OnScale account to use with BeamTool couldn't be easier. Just follow these steps!

  1. Sign up for a OnScale + BeamTool account with this link.


  2. Check your email and click the verification link you were sent.

    Note: Can't see the email? Check your spam folder!

  3. Open BeamTool 9.

    Note: Don't have BeamTool 9? Find out how to get a 10-day trial here.

  4. Click Tools > onscale to open the OnScale plugin.


  5. Enter the email and password for the OnScale account that you just created and then click Login.


Once you log in to your OnScale account from BeamTool, this will activate a 10-day trial in which you'll have 150 free OnScale Core-Hours to use in BeamTool.

What are Core-Hours? OnScale doesn't use subscription based-licensing. The computational cost of simulations are measured in Core-Hours. Find out more here.