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Getting Started

Q: How can I sign up for a trial?

A: Head to and click on Login to Create New User account. New users can enter their details in all required fields to complete the sign up process. You will be notified by email when the account is ready to be used.

Q: How much does OnScale cost?

A: The current pricing can be found here:

Q: How many Core Hours do I have?

A: The Core Hour balance is shown in the accounts page.

  • Head to
  • Login with your credentials
  • The account’s Core Hour balance will be visible

Q: How do I get support?

A: You can get support through the following methods.

  • Post in the OnScale community
  • Search Help Center for answers 
  • Email

Cloud Scheduler

Q: I cannot see the Parametric Sweep option, what should I do?

A: Check your input deck has the symbx definition for the quantity you would like to sweep in a design study. The Cloud Scheduler will detect any variable definition using symbx.

Q: How do I generate a User Defined Variable File?

A: Create Comma Delimited file with your editor of choice (Office Excel, Notepad++ etc.). First row should contain the parametric variable names separated with commas. Each subsequent row is a new simulation with the defined variable values. Parametric variables must be declared using symbx in the flex input file

Q: I have started a large batch of simulations but forgot to change the CPU configuration and realized there was an error in parametric sweep settings. What should I do?

A: Use the Abort button to kill all simulations which will allow you to start a New Simulation in the Cloud Storage window.

Cloud Storage

Q: How to do I download multiple folders of results?

A: Hold SHIFT or CTRL + LMB to select any result(s) you would like to download. Use the Download button or RMB Context menu to download the results to a local directory.

Q: How do I access all my previous results?

A: The Cloud Storage window will automatically open once your simulations have completed. You can also open the Cloud Storage using the icon in the ribbon menu or the button in the Cloud Scheduler tool.

Q: How do I delete previous results??

A: Select any result(s) in the Cloud Storage window and use the RMB context menu to Delete. Dependant on folder size, this may take a couple of of minutes.


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