1: Introduction



We will look into setting up a simple PZT 2D Disc example residing in a water load.


Model Inputs

  • Default commands
  • Parameterisation


  • Mesh Settings 
  • Keypoint Generation and Grid Setup 


  • Material Properties
  • Assigning to Grid 

Boundary Conditions & Loading 

  • Boundaries of the Model
  • Time Functions
  • Electrical Conditions

Model Outputs

  • Calculated Properties
  • Output Types

Process Model

  • PRCS Command
  • Model Check

Model Execution

  • Execution Setup
  • Plot Settings
  • Methods of Running a Model
  • Extracting Outputs


Creating a Model Folder

Before we start to code, we will need to set up a folder to hold the files we will be using the new file explorer:

  1. Open OnScale in Analyst Mode


  1. Create a new folder and rename it PZT Disc Example in a directory of your choosing 

3.png     4.png

  1. Navigate into the folder by double clicking the folder
  2. Click save (or CTRL+S) and navigate to the PZT Disc Example folder
  3. Double check file is save as .flxinp
  4. Name the file PZT2D


     7. Save file

The file explorer should now contain the file PZT2D.flxinp 

You are now ready to code!!

Progress to tutorial section: Model Inputs

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