Transducer 3D - CAD


With our highly efficient solvers, full 3D models can be simulated in short time frames to allow your full design to be evaluated without assumptions and simplifications.

Here we show an electro-mechanical simulation of a transducer in full 3D, the transducer is residing in a water load. 

A transducer is a device that converts one form of energy into another and vice verse. By applying an electrical charge to the piezoelectric material of the transducer it causes the material to vibrate these vibrations generate an ultrasonic pulse.

This simulation covers:

  • CAD importation
  • Material assignment
  • Load definition
  • Output requests
  • Simulation set-up
  • Running on the cloud
  • Downloading/post processing results

Try this model for yourself, click the link below to download the files:

Download: Transducer 3D - CAD

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