On-demand Core Hours (Overage)

Our Core Hour approach to licensing offers the greatest flexibility.

While joining our Annual or Monthly subscriptions are beneficial in giving the user the best value per Core Hour, not everyone needs that amount of Core Hours.

In these cases, you can also choose to pay on a per Core Hour basis.

Our pricing is listed here: https://onscale.com/pricing/

Enabling Overage

Overage is the term given to the additional Core Hours that exceed the assigned amount allocated to a specific account type.

For our Free Account, if you exceed the 10 Core Hour limit within the month, you can enable overage which will allow you pay per additional Core Hour.


The following steps will enable overage on any account type:

  1. Click on the 'Allow Overage - $X per core hour'
  2. Enter Credit Card Details in Purple Sections
  3. Click on Update Subscription

Overage will be charged to the credit card at the end of your monthly cycle.

For exact pricing for on-demand core hours please reach out to sales@onscale.com