PZT Block 3D - CAD



PZT Block Simulation in Designer Interface

Model Description

Simple model of a 3D PZT block with electrodes on the top and bottom surface.


Basic Model Schematic

Parametric Variables

The base CAD model was created in Onshape and allows the following design variables to be adjusted. By default the dimensions of the PZT Block have been addes as configuration variables for quick access through the Configuration Panel in Onshape.

Parametric Variable Description Default Value
pzt_sideX Dimension of PZT block in X 10 mm
pzt_sideZ Dimension of PZT block in Z 5 mm
pzt_thk Thickness of PZT block 2mm



Here are a list of the types of outputs to expect from this model:

  • Time Histories (XY Graphs)
    • Drive input signal
    • Voltage and charge on electrodes
  • Mode Shapes (Harmonic Analysis) of base design
    • 140 kHz
    • 280 kHz
    • 1 MHz


Post Processor Outputs

Runtime Statistics

Model Size 17424 elements
Solve Time 96 s (2 CPU)
Core Hours 0.053
Memory Usage 66 MB
Recommended CPU Configuration 2 CPU


CAD Project File

The following input files are required to run this model, click here to download the input files:

Download: PZT Block 3D CAD Project

The base CAD model is publicly available to view and copy through Onshape:

Model: PZT Block 3D Onshape 

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