Parameter Table


The Parameter Table is a feature in Designer that allows users to parameterise certain geometry properties. These parameters can also be set to varying parameters this enables them to be variables that can be swept over the cloud.

Set Up

To make use of the parameter table you need to create a new project and ensure Model Type is set to 3D Model. The primitives can only be accessed with 3D models.

Once the project has been created you can now make use of the parameter table. 

Using the Parameter Table

Parameters can be created and can be set as a primitive property value. To add a parameter click the '+' icon in the parameter table 

This will bring up the 'Add a New Parameter' window where parameters can be defined. They will be given a name and a value, here they can also be set to a varying parameter which enables them to be swept on the cloud. To set this parameter as a properties value you must first enable that property to be able to use parameters, to do this next to the properties there is a small         icon click this to enable that property as a parameter. 


If the small check box under the Varying column has been selected, if you click run on cloud the parameter will be shown as a variable that can be swept in the cloud schedulers symbx table.

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