2D Slice Tool: Converting 3D Models to 2D


In the Designer Workspace users have the ability to import there CAD via the Import Geometry button found in the home tab. Once the CAD has been loaded in it is possible to convert a 3D CAD model to a 2D model using the 2D Slice Tool in the Tools tab. 

To make use of the 2D Slice tool first import your CAD into Designer, once it is loaded in you must assign materials to the model before you can open up the slice tool if you don't you will be met with an error. When all parts have been assigned appropriate materials the slice tool can be used. This is how the workspace will look once the tool has been opened. 

You can use the Slice Tool widget that pops up to change the X, Y and Z position of the slice plane as well as changing the rotation of the plane. The other options available via the widget are:

  • Model Opacity (%) - This will adjust the opacity of the model against the reference model 
  • Reset to Initial Configuration - Resets back to the default plane it was created with
  • Show handle captions - Shows points that correspond to the corners of the slice plane 
  • Hide Controls - Hides slice plane 
  • Hide Slice Preview - Removes the preview of the model shown on the plane this will update as the plane is moved 

The Slice plane can also be moved/rotated by click and dragging the plane to the desired location offering more flexibility in where the slice will be made.

Once you have the desired location of where you would like to slice the model you can preview it before hand by clicking Preview Model at Slice the image below shows this. 

Note: The opacity in the model has been set to 0

The final step now is to click convert model to 2D slice. The warning below will pop up if you are happy with these changes click proceed, you will be prompted to save the file it is recommended you save it as a separate file for example in this case this file would be saved as 'TRL_3D_SLICE'. Click to save and the conversion process will begin and your 3D model will now be converted to a 2D.

Setting up this model will be done in exactly the same way as the 3D model except now it is confined to the XY Plane.

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