Heat Sink


OnScale can be used to the simulate thermal behaviour, and how this behaviour effects the model/device. A heat-sink is a thermal conductive metal device designed to adsorb and disperse heat away from high temperature objects in a system. As a heat sink base temperature increases so to does the thermal resistance of the sink. This results in a higher base temperature of the heat sink

Model Description:

Simple model of a heat-sink generated from CAD, showing how to apply a heat source to your model. 

Runtime Graphics During Simulation 

This model can be used as a starting point for anyone looking to do thermal analysis simulations. It shows how to set up a heat source and how to set boundary conditions as well as the models baseline temperature.

Typical Outputs from Thermal Analysis:

  • Temperature rise 
  • Displacement 
  • Thermal stress


Runtime Statistics

Model size

1152000 elements

Solve Time

~ 8 minutes (2 CPU)

Core Hours


Memory Usage

521 MB

Recommended CPU Configuration



The model will be used as a base for more advanced thermal models in the future.


The following files are required to run this model:




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