Pricing & Payment

This page describes pricing and payment options for OnScale.


OnScale offer three different software packages which cover a variety of customer needs. These packages can be paid for on a monthly or an annual basis.


  Free Account Team Account Enterprise Account
Cost FREE $1000 Custom
# Core-Hours 10 150 >500
Cost per Core-Hour On-Demand $10 $8 Reserve & On-Demand

For our Monthly Team Subscribers, Core-Hours do not carry over month-to-month. Core-Hours will be topped back up to 150 at the beginning of each month.


  Free Account Team Account Enterprize Account
Cost FREE $12000 Custom
# Core-Hours 120 2000 >6000
Cost per Core-Hour On-Demand $10 $8 Reserve & On-Demand

For our Annual Team Subscribers, you will receive the full yearly amount of Core-Hours at the start of the Annual subscription. 


Team and Annual subscription accounts must set up payment when they create an account with OnScale. This can be updated at any time by logging into the OnScale Portal and selecting the name of the account then clicking Next until the following page appears:


To choose a subscription package simply select the coloured subscription box so that it highlights as Selected. Free subscriptions do not require credit card details.

An option for every subscription type is Overage. Overage allows subscribers to pay per Core-Hour when they go over their subscription amount and can be set by checking the overage box in the accounts settings. The price per Core-Hour is indicated in the tables above. Subscribers who use overage will get an invoice for the extra Core-Hours at the end of the month. If subscribers do not check to allow overage then they will not be able to run models if they do not have the required Core-Hours.