Change Material Temperature Answered

I'm now working on the following OnScale example

The example describes how to model a capacitive ultrasonic transducer where the output is the membrane displacement, velocity, and output pressure.

The boundary conditions are also clear. but I wonder about two things:

1- The model didn't mention anything about the materials' temperatures. what is the assumed temperature in this simulation?

2- I wonder if I can add a thermal initial condition to the model. For example, can I change the temperature of the water load on top of the transducer surface? I mean, can I execute the exact same simulation but at a different temperature for the water?

To sum up, is there a way to execute the same simulation but with changing the temperature of a specific material or an interface?

Thank you.

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  • Hi Ahmad,

    Temperature is not a parameter in this model. It is purely electro-mechanical. We have examples of thermal simulations.They are not directly coupled to the transient electro-mechanical simulations with interaction between the simulations achieved by feeding the outcomes of one step to the other.


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