• Our records do not show any simulation submitted by yourself. Is it something that occurred during estimation? Can you please paste the log message here? 

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  • After reviewing your estimation print file, it appers that your model is too large for single precision. You can change the solver to double precision in the solver settings. You can toggle on double in the estimation window under Job Configuration.

    Also you can click on the gear icon to the top right to bring up the settings window in which you can change the solver.

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  • Yes, it is something that occurred during estimation.

    I changed to double precision and tried again, but the result was the same.
    There may be another cause.

    Please help me.



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  • It appears that your issue is related to hardware allocation. The message in your file on line is You need to switch to double precision or reduce the size of your model. If you have already switched to double precision, then you might have to submit the job online without estimation. If you are concerned about the resources used, you can do a manual estimate on the cloud prior to the actual simulation.

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