Modal Analysis in Analyst mode Answered

I asked before if I could do a modal analysis using analyst mode and you replied "The modal solver in OnScale Lab is a Beta Feature which currently only works with the Local Solvers, not with the cloud."

Now, I'm simulating a CMUT cell. I excite it using a wideband ricker wavelet and then I check the FFT of the displacement to check the frequency at which the highest displacement occurs. Using that, I get information about the first reosnnace frequency.

However, I now need to know the second reosnnace frequency of the cell. The second resonance is different since half of the membrane is up and the other half is down. Is there a way to do that using analyst mode?


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  •  The methods you described of looking at the peaks of the overall displacement magnitude frequency response can also be used to identify the resonant frequencies including the second resonance frequency. You can then request a mode shape of at this frequency as described in this video which uses acoustic pressure instead of displacement.

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