Curved Transducer PZT Material Regions and Onscale Not Responding Answered

Hi there,

I'm trying to simulate a curved transducer by following the tutorial , but have met s few problems. Thus, I'm writing to ask if you could please help me with these problems. Thanks!


Here are the problems:


In the material assigning section, the starting degree for each PZT section is equal to the starting angle minus 0.1. May I ask why not starts with 0? and why choose 0.1 as the minus factor? 

/* Samll PZT sections, each slightly differently poled - MATR file has alterations also
    symb deg1 = $degstart - 0.1
    symb deg2 = $degstart + $degsteps



I tried to preview the model on my laptop, but after a few runs, the Onscale stopped responding. May I ask why this happened?


If I need to expand this model to 3D, is there any tutorial or example model that I can follow?



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  • Addressing your questions.

    1. This is a design choice. No other reason.

    2. Can you provide more context on this. How actually happens?

    3. You can extend to 3D by adding a third dimension to the model definition. We have several examples of 3D models in the Help Centre

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