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can i get to know that, how calculate the bulk and shear attenuation of materials in dB/MHz/cm. materials properties are given below.

1 st material.

Young's Modulus            E =   1.000000E+010 (N/m^2)        
 Poisson ratio              =   4.000000E-001                 
 Density                  rho =   1.800000E+003 (kg/m^3)
 Bulk Modulus               K =   1.666667E+010 (N/m^2)         
 Shear Modulus              G =   3.571429E+009 (N/m^2) 

2nd material.

 Young's Modulus            E =   2.000000E+009 (N/m^2)         
 Poisson ratio                    =   3.700000E-001                 
 Density                  rho =   7.000000E+002 (kg/m^3)
 Bulk Modulus               K =   2.564103E+009 (N/m^2)         
 Shear Modulus              G =   7.299270E+008 (N/m^2)

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  • Attenuation is a material property. It is not calculated from any other values. The user assigns a value for this in OnScale. 

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