Time period of HIFU pulsed model Answered


I'm trying the HIFU ultrasund Pulsed file from the example. I think this model input one sine pulse wave and run 75 times. In the script, they says "Run until pressure wave has exited model." But, how long is the pulse interval in this model? And, how can I change the interval between the pulses?

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  • There is only a single pulse in this model, therefore there is no pulse interval. The simulation is run for 75 cycles. Each cycle is 1/$freqint long.

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  • There is a pulse repetition frequency "prf", but this is used for the second stage of the simulation in the model 'ThermalPulsed.flxinp'. Could this be what you mean with pulse interval?

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  • Thank you for your comment.

    I'm sorry my question was difficult to understand.

    I tried to increase the number of input pulse by changing "func sine" 's "nperiod" number.

    After a certain number, the result became same as CW file.

    Thus, I thought there was certain length for one cycle.

    I want to know where this length is defined.

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  • Each cycle is 1/$freqint long.

    The period is the inverse of the frequency.

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  • Thank you !

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