How to set the extrapolation box in a 3D curved array model Answered

The figure below is my analysis model, a 3D curved array model.

I want to calculate the model's transmitting voltage response (TVR) and beam pattern at far-field area. I know I can use "extrapolation" to calculate the performances. But I can't trust the analysis results because of the extrapolation range. 

In the manual provided by Onscale, it is written as follows.

"Place an "imaginary box" around the device, so the box is completely contained within the fluid. The box does not interfere with or affect the response in any way; it merely records the pressure and pressure gradients during the simulation, for use during the  extrapolation  in Review.

Although ideally, the box fully encompasses the pressure source, this is not always practical. In such cases, place the box around as much of the device as possible. The box should be close to, but not in contact with, the pressure source; 5 to 10 elements away is typical."

In my model, the z-direction position of each piezoelectric ceramic in the array is different. I set the extrapolation plane at the position three elements away from the central piezoceramic end of the array (due to the quarter model). So, the piezoelectric ceramic at the end of the array was far from the extrapolation plane.

How should I set the "extrapolation plane" in these models?


  • Hi Hiyo3,

    A good extrapolation result is achieved when the extrapolation plane captures all the acoustic energy generated by the acoustic source. This is best achieved when the extrapolation plane fully encloses the acoustic source. If it is not possible, then bringing the extrapolation plane as close as possible to the source can also produce a good result as long as most of the acoustic energy passes through the extrapolation plane.

    With regards to your setup, it appears that you can fully enclose the transducer in an extrapolation plane box.

    There should not be any issues for you.

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  • Thank you for your kind reply.

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