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I'm designing a CMUT cell for immersion application.

To check transmitted pressure, I do the following:

1- I apply a sinewave voltage signal to the top electrode (ctop)

2- I assign ground to the bottom electrode (cbot)

3- I measure the pressure on top of the CMUT cell

Now, I want to check the performance as a receiver. I apply pressure using the command "plod" at a distance from the top electrode. The CMUT should also have a DC voltage as a bias voltage to increase its receiving sensitivity.

what should be the electrical connections for the ctop and cbot? should I connect any of them to a 50 ohm resistor?

Also, is there any way to amplify that small change? something like a transimpedance amplifier to convert the change in current to voltage.

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  • It would be best to replicate a CMUT setup electrical connection first. Try implementing the electrical arrangement used for real life CMUT experiments.

    Regarding amplification, you can try adding an appropriate dependent source to your circuit. Please review the command

    circ dsrc

    in the command reference.


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