Grid spacing not monotonic error Answered

Hello, I am trying to extend my 2D model to a 3D model so that I can vary its length. I ran into the following error message when I tried to preview my file:

****Error message****

Grid spacing not monotonic. Use NCHK scom if needed

0.000000000000000E+00 0.000000000000000E+00


This concerns line 42

symb length_pzt    = 170.e-6            /* width of PZT

When I tried to edit this line it shows an error "Must use integer values", but I don't think that's actually necessary.


I use this symbol in the line (71-73)

symb #keycord z 1 0.0 $width_wat $width_hkerf $length_pzt $width_kerf $length_pzt $width_kerf $length_pzt $width_hkerf $width_wat
symb #get { kdx } rootmax z        


However, if I remove the symbol length_pzt and replace it with the actual number 170.e-6 - it seems to work just fine.

Any tips is greatly appreciated!


Links for the files: 

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  • Variables which begin with letters i,j,k,l,m and n are implied integers. The length is likely being rounded down to zero which in turn means you have keypoints at the same position if this length was used to separate keypoints. Try renaming your variable to pzt_length instead.

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