Insert complex design into PZFlex and Onscale Answered

Hi Onscale team

My 3D design is shown as following: 

I have been trying to import the .step or .stp file into PZFlex and Onscale. 

However, the pop up showed "PZFlex could not open the selected BDF file as the CAD being imported does not conform to the current model type"

And in Onscale:  "Your model failed to estimate due to a syntax error in the input deck. Please check your working directory for the '.prnt' file and recify the issue"

After I looked at the Print file, I found as follows: 

input- end
Electrode 1 name=load1 number of nodes= 0


**** PZFlex has detected an error****
****Subroutines tracked are: pizinp jobctl flex
****Error occurred in subroutine pizinp ****
****Error message****
No electrode nodes defined. 

So, as far as I understand is that there is no node, so, simulation can not run. Am I correct? 

It would be very helpful to me if you could explain more about why it cannot be run, also the meaning of pizinp jobctl too.

Many thanks



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    Hi Arjin,


    What version are you using? To help debug, could you send over your model and any dependency files to It will be easier to debug that way.




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