Inconsistencies between 2D and 3D model Answered


I conducted a 2D simulation on a unidirectional composite plate by defining loads at certain nodes.

I also conducted an analogous 3D simulation in which instead of the nodal forces, I gave line forces (extrusion of the 2D model in 3rd dimension)

For some reason, there seem to be large inconsistencies between the xdisp results from both simulations.

I have a feeling that I may not be defining the line forces correctly or there is something else wrong

The files from the 2D as well as the 3D simulations can be found in the link below:

Please assist



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    Hi Robin,

    Just doing a diff check against both input files there a couple of differences that could be causing the issue.

    • The geometry of the plate (xlength = 1 in 3D and 0.7 in 2D, ylength = 0.1 in 3D and 0.002 in 2D)
    • Ymin is symmetric in 3D but free in 2D
    • Mesh size is much finer in 2D
    • Different stiffness coeffs for material
    • Etc.

    I hope this helps.

    Best Regards,

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