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I do my simulation and want to get data from results.


I use command 'calc-pres' and set simulation area 45 mm x 110 mm and box size is  0.1e-3 and simtime is 1e-3

But when I use 'pout-hist pres $i1 $indgrd $j1 $jndgrd', the error massage comes out lack of memory.


So I divide files and set pout area different like $j1 $j10 // $j11 $j20...

But I have to use much more time to get total area data and need huge space in my computer.


How can I solve this problem?

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    Hi Hyunjae,

    You can make use of the cloud if your computer is not able to handle the memory requirements and then use linked jobs to post process the large files .Another option would be to subsample pout using pout rate


    I hope this helps.


    Best Regards,


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