Welcome to the OnScale Solve Forum


The OnScale forum is where the community of users of the OnScale Solve product can find useful information and guidance from our user base.

For more information please visit: https://onscale.com/

How to Get Started

To get started using Solve, our documentation can be found here:


Here you will find a range of simulation tutorials that will start you on your simulation journey.

How to Get Help & Support

When you are in the Solve application in your browser, you should notice the help icon at the top right of the interface:

Accessing the Get Help section will reveal 2 options:

  1. Access to the current OnScale Forum
  2. Our Discord channel where you can chat to our support engineers

User Feedback

We value all user opinions and feedback and will constantly take this on-board to improve and develop our simulation tool.

The feedback form can be accessed using the help icon or you should notice the blue feedback tab when you have the Modeler active:



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