Apply a 3-D load to a 2-D model Answered


I have created a 2-D model (x-y directions). The mesh is a 2-D rectangular grid.

I want to apply a load  in the z direction. Is this possible ?



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    Hi there,

    Yes you can apply a load in the z direction using plod vctr 0 0 1.

    Best Regards,


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  • Hi Chloe, 

    This is what I am doing but I get an error : 

    " illegal vctr:myvctr1 0.000E+00, 0.000E+00 "

    I think it is not considering the third dimension at all because the model is 2-D.


    My actual code for the application of the forces is :


    c ****

    data hist drive * Load_205_kHz_3cycles.txt
    func hist drive

       pdef myload1 func
       vctr myvctr1 0 0 1
       sdef myload1 myvctr1 $i2 $i3 $j1 $j1

    c *****




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  • Hi Kostas,

    You also need to specify the grid to be a SH-wave model (see grid command in reference manual for more details). Here is a link to a 2D model which applies a load in Z.

    Best Regards,


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  • Hi Cloe,

    That's great, thanks a lot !

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