why doesn't the absorbing boundary absorb ultrasonic wave? Answered


I set the boundary of my model to the absorbing boundary,but the ultrasonic wave isn't absorbed when arrives at the boundary,like the following shows.I can't understand why.Could you please explain it?


  • Hi Hxd,

    Are the extents of the model larger than the geometry? If they are the waves won't be absorbed.

    The BC is applied to the nodes on the extents of the model not the geometry unless the extents of the geometry lie on the extents of the domain.

    Best regards,


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  • Thanks,Mr Oliver,

     I understand you said.May I think that, in this case ,it should use ‘boun’ command and ‘ defn-node’ subcommand to set the BC?

    Best regards

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  • Yes and no. If you use this method you described above you will need to switch from absr to impd auto


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  • Thanks a lot

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