how to set the BC of the outer surface of a cylinder to absr? Answered


The following is a half of a 3D cylinder model,I want to set the outer surface of the model to absorbing boundary,how shoud I do?

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  • please give me a reply.

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  • My question has not been answered yet.

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  • There isn't a way to directly assign a boundary condition to the outside of a 3D cylinder.

    You can use a DO LOOP to loop through the nodes on the outer surface of the cylinder to apply either a absorbing or impedance boundary condition to each node.

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  • how to code?Or is there any example?

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  • We don't have any examples on hand for this specific problem... I have this example that shows how to create an ellipse using the equation of ellipse. You would need to do a similar thing for your cylinder to find the points on the outer boundary.

    Do you have any CAD models of this geometry? You can apply BCs directly to CAD surfaces if you import CAD.

    This is an example of how to import and mesh CAD in 2D using an unstructured mesh. instead of using the CAD .. GCON option change it to STRUCT

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