Troubling shooting error "Problem element has corner node ijk: 1 1 1 Surface area is 0.0 ---- flx1" Answered

I am trying to simulate pressure on the surface of a single cubic nanoparticle (volume of 100nm3) but anytime I run the solver this warning appears in the output file "Problem element has corner node ijk: 1 1 1 Surface area is 0.0 ---- flx1".

So I tried repeating the model but for mm-sized cubic particle (volume 6mm3) and the simulation run successfully. Can someone assist me with this error? Also, is there a limitation with using nm for simulation? If there is, how do i adjust my model for the simulation to run?


  • Hi Dzifa,

    I've never encountered this issue myself, can you share the files via your prefered cloud sharing service and we can look into this.

    Best regards,


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  • Hello Oliver,

    Please use the link below to have access to the files to the simulation. 

    Brief description of simulation: A 100nm3 piezoelectric particle in water with a pressure source on one surface. Outputs are the voltage from the electrodes and acoustic pressure at various points. 

    Thank you for your help!

    Best regards,


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