How do I set the view of the video? Answered



I was running a 3D simulation and was wondering how to set the camera view of the result.

As you can see in the figure below, the result is showing all xyz axes.

However, I want to see the figure from the top (z-axis) so that I can see only x and y axes.

Could you tell me which part I have to change from the code below?

nvew 2 2
line on
set imag avi 100

proc plot save
exec 15
bbox user $x1 $x7 $y1 $y7 $z1 $z1
plot aprs
plot dgap
end$ proc
proc plot 100


Thank you,


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    Hi Parks,

    You can use the GRPH EYE and GRPH VERT commands to control the camera oreintaton.

    Best regards,


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