how to set the central frequency of gaussian signal? Answered


I want to set the central frequency of the function to 2MHz,but only the peak time width of the Gaussian function can be changed.What the meaning of the peak time width ? And what the relationship between the central frequency and the peak time width of the Gaussian function?How to set the its central frequency to 2MHz?


  • I have not gotten any reply for 6 days

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  • Hi,

    You treat the time width as half the pulse width. So:

    T = 2 * 1 / F

    Because its gradual ramp at the start and end of the singal, this calculation is only an approximation, so you can FFT this pulse and check the center frequency and tweak as required.


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  • Thanks,and I have a new question that has not been answered for 10 days.

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  • I can just answer this question now. No you can't set the transparency the only way to visualise the wave propagation in the inner model would be to view cross sections that can be defined like this:

    plot arps i $i1 $i5
    plot ydsp i $i1 $i5 k $k1 $k4

    Something like that.



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