TVR levels from Extrapolation Tools do not agree with levels from Review script tvr_ocv.revinp Answered

I plotted my piezocomposite model's TVR data saved by the Review script tvr_ocv.revinp and the data sits 12 dB below the TVR curve plotted by the Extrapolation toolkit.  All this is looking at the same data from the same run. In fact the curves look identical, just a constant shift apart. So which one is right? They are both referenced to the same measurement location {0,1,0}.

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  • Hi Chris,

    Normally we would always trust the results from the review script as you have full control over the processing of the data. The extrapolation tool can be unreliable and hasn't seen much update since it's addition into the application. There's probably some scaling being applied to the extrapolation tool TVR that shouldn't be.

    Have you got any physical measurements that you can compare this too? That would be the best way to confirm the results.


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