Any OnScale Contractors on here? Answered

Hey everyone,

I am in need of some OnScale help, and I figured the best place to hire an OnScale contractor would be here.

So I am looking for a person with experience in OnScale for modelling PZT and using the biological tissue rendering features.

We have some MRI scans around the back, head, and neck that we would like to have some renderings of how a 1mhz, 2mhz, and 3mhz wave would move, and reflect around in the tissue.

We already have manufactured transducers we are using, as well as the MRI files.

Essentially a movie from a few angles would be the most desired outcome, but also a few measurements of intesity at certain depths would also be valuable.

Hope someone on here knows how to do that!

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    Hi Sterling, 

    Here at OnScale we have multiple application engineers that can help you construct a model for the simulations you are describing. It would be great if you could get in touch with to share some more information of what your requirements are:

    • What format are your MRI files
    • How many models do you require
    • Some more information on the transducer you are using

    Someone should be in touch with a response as soon as possible. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Best Regards,

    Team OnScale

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