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I am a post graduate student from India, working on a simulation of ultrasound through bone, I have come up with a very basic model by using a PZT 5a transducer on the left as can be seen below and another on the right for recording the output with a generic bone in between, but I am not able to decrease my core hours. Currently its around 1 lakh CH. Any possible solutions? or base model ideas would be appreciated. 

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    Hi Kunal,

    That is a lot of CHs! There are a couple of things you can do to decrease this number.

    • Check your meshing - you could be overmeshing the problem (to check in Designer Mode go to Model Graphics > Show Mesh > Full Extents)
    • Scale down the size of your model - if it is billions of elements you may want to scale it down
    • Simulation time - if your simulation time is large this will cost, is it neccessary to simulate for the amount of time you are setting?

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  • Thanks Chloe

    Yes, I had setup a long simulation time which was causing a lot of CHs!

    Thanks again:)

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