Specifications of FR4 as PCB Answered

I want to have PCB (FR4 material) below a stack of materials (PVDF, epoxy and copper). So far, I have two modules to use for the PCB:
c --------------------------------------------------------------
c type : MISC :
c name : PCB :
c desc : PCB backing :
c --------------------------------------------------------------

wvsp on
type elas
prop pcb 1850 3602 2396 0.01
/* name, centre frequency, units, dB/distance, dB/distance shear, frequency defined, exponent, distance, exponent shear
vdmp pcb $freqdamp db 3. 3. 1e+06 1 1e-2 1

symb eps = 1
symb aeps = $epvacm * $eps
elec pcb $aeps


c --------------------------------------------------------------
c type : EPOXY :
c name : FR4 :
c desc : FR-4 is the main insulating material in PCB manufacturing
c Material data is obtained from Wikipedia. Only the damping is fake:
c --------------------------------------------------------------
wvsp on
type elas
prop FR4 1850. 3602. 2396.
vdmp FR4 $freqdamp db 1.37 4. 3.e+06 1.12 1e-3


I am not sure which one should i use. Any comment is appreciated. 


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    Hi Moein,

    Material properties are very important when it comes to accurate results. These materials are both the same with different damping properties. Go with whichever you think best describes the material damping.


    Best Regards,

    Team OnScale

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