Method for partially fine grid Answered


I have problem of making mesh.

I have to model 2 block, which has 10 um and 20 mm.

As you can see, there is a huge difference with them.

Center frequency is 100kHz and box size is 150, then mesh size is 100 um.


In this case, I think it's wrong simulation bcz 1st block is much smaller than mesh size.

So, I want to make more mesh only in 1st block.

How can I do that?

Please help me.

I did make larger box size, but it need too much time.




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    Hi there, 

    You have to do this in Analyst Mode, you cannot do this in Designer yet. Here is an example of a 2D PZT plate in water in which I have meshed the pzt plate finer in the thickness than the water:

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  • Thank you for your help

    Can I ask one more things?

    I want to zoom at contact position between finer grid and coarse grid.

    I used zoom command but I don't know how it moves position.

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  • You can only use zoom using standard graphics. Here is some example code:


          type stnd

          plot matr

          zoom 2

          pan u 0.1



    This code will plot your materials in standard graphics, zoom in so the image is twice as close and shifts the image 10% upwards.


    Best Regards,

    Team OnScale



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  • Dear Chloe

    It's really helpful to me.

    Thank you for your kindness


    Best regard


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