Running a long simulation, checked back hours later and it had paused? Answered

Hi there,

I am running a simulation locally that should take about 10 hours to complete. I started the simulation yesterday evening and when I logged back in this morning the simulation seems to have paused, it was only 20% complete, when I expected it to be finished. Now that I am logged back in it has continued running again. 

How can I prevent the simulation from pausing when my computer is not being actively used for hours at a time? 

I have already made sure the computer does not go to sleep. 





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    Hi Laura,

    The simulation should keep running as long as you computer is not asleep. It sounds like you may have had a term command in the code which pauses the code execution. If you wish to run the code the whole way through remember to check all term commands are commented out.

    Best Regards,


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  • Hi Chloe,

    That's good to know thanks. I did have a term command in the code but I had the 'term timeout' in the solver settings set to 60 seconds. Would this still be the cause of the issue? 

    Many Thanks,


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