"Surface is not within uniform material" - Pulse Echo Simulation Answered

I've read online that 'pulse echo simulation' only works for homogeneous material but I'm unsure how I can apply it to my model which involves brain imaging. I want to see a US reflection off the CSF but it has to go through the brain tissue first. Can you provide any guidance on this? If anyone can explain this error to me and how to correct it, I would be very grateful. 
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    Hi Eamon, 

    Thank you for reposting on our forum. Your extrapolation boundary was set to be at $j2+5 which is at node 10 which is in the piezo material. This not allowed by the solver as this is a non-uniform material. I am assuming you meant to set the j range in the extr node command to be 5 nodes after the medm material ( 5 nodes into the brainnl load) which would be $j4+5.

    Best Regards,


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  • Thank you, you're right and this fixed my problem!

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