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In my review script I can successfully generate an MP4 for displacement shapes using something like

     set imag mpeg
     plot shap 1

However, this saves the MP4 into the current directory using the script name. I'd like to save the MP4 into another directory, and if possible, with another name.

Can you help me with that?



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    Hi Marco,

    There is no way to do this with our standard Flex/Review commands.

    You would need to create a separate Review input file and use command line operations to do this:

    c Creating Directory to store renamed file
    symb #submit mkdir 'Folder'

    c Rename Output File
    symb #submit rename 'Modeshapes.mp4' 'MS1.mp4'

    c Move Specific File
    symb #submit move 'MS1.mp4' 'Folder'

    The #submit symb command essentially runs Command Line so standard functions like mkdir and rename all work to handle files and folders.

    Best regards,


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