How to do underwater acoustic analysis on a transducer undergoing some external pressure due to its housing Answered

We are working on analyzing underwater transducer arrays. We are facing a problem when the array housing exerts a certain pressure on the array, but this is not reflected in the results from the analysis. We did try using drlx command on the transducer model and used the results from the analysis to run another acoustic analysis. But, we could not properly run the model. Could you please explain in detail how to use this command for our problem? 

Or is it possible to input extra pressure function along with input voltage function while analyzing the transducer array?

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  • Hi Jahnavi,

    Here is an example that applies a pressure on a stacked transducer before running the acoustic simulation. This example also shows you how the drlx command is used. Please note the applied pressure load will not alter the properties of the piezoelectric material, if you are wishing to simulate that behaviour. 

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