How to see deformations shape? Answered

If  I use "shap" command, I can only see deformation shape at a certain frequency, I want to see the shape at all frequencies, how should I write my code?

   symb freq1 = 8e4
   symb freq2 = 5e4
   node $i1 $i2 $j3 $j6
   cnvrt disp
   data pres
   data ydsp
   data xdsp
c    freq $freq1
c    freq $freq2

   hist func            /* 1st curve         according to plot 1 underneath
   histname electrode v top1              /* vq stands for voltage and charge
   histname shape 
   histname shapd ydsp 
   hist ydsp $i1 $i6 1 $j1 $j8 1
   hist xdsp $i1 $i6 1 $j1 $j8 1
   hist pres 


    nvew 4
c    nvew 3 3
    mirr x
c    disp 0.15
    plot 1
    plot 2
    plot 3 
    plot ydsp
c   plot shap 1
c    plot shap 1 ydsp
c    plot shap 2
c    plot shap 2 ydsp

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