Can't find material interface

I have removed all the water boundaries around my model so it is just air boundaries around all 4 edges of the domain.

I am trying to simulate a plane wave across the length of the material boundary from top to bottom (y-direction)

I have managed to achieve this no problem when there is a water boundary present but no matter what I change in the model I can' get this to simulate the now model without the water. I imagine it is something basic. My code is below if anyone could please assist.

c Create element locations
symb px1 = 0
symb py1 = 0.009900
symb #get { i_el1 j_el1 } clsnode $px1 $py1

symb px11 = 0.01              
symb py11 = 0.009900
symb #get { i_el2 j_el2 } clsnode $px2 $py2

/* These are the elements placed at either edge of the domain for the plane wave

c Pressure Load
    pdef ptx func
     matr dir1 out
    symb ibeg = $i_el1
    symb jbeg = $j_el1       /*jbeg = jend
  symb iend = $i_el2
  symb jend = $j_el2
  sdef ptx dir1 $ibeg $iend $jbeg $jbeg

c ***********************************************************************************************************
c                            Calculated Properties
c ***********************************************************************************************************
c Properties to calculate
    pres acoustic
    max aprs * pmax

/* Create an average for each rx element
 avrg arx1 aprs * regn $ibeg $iend $jbeg $jend-1


  • Hi David,

    It is difficult to debug with just a code snippet. If possible could you please share your input files and dependent files via your preferred cloud file sharing service?



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  • Hi Chloe

    I sent you these files directly.


    Dave :)

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  • Hi Dave,


    I have not received the files. Can you please forward them to



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