Model Issues with Ascans Answered

I am wondering if anyone can help me make sense of my model. I believe my model to be set up fine, but the results seem to say different.  The geometry of my model looks as below.

The inspection I am carrying out for now only involves transmit/receive on the top elements. I have created an average for each receiving element.

I am transmitting on element 3 (yellow element). My A-scan is below and you can see when I transmit on element 3 and receive on element 3 (pulse echo - blue signal) this looks OK.  But when I transmit on element 3 and receive on elements 2 and 4 - these amplitudes are significantly higher than the pulse echo. I can't explain these results and wondering if there is anything wrong with my model or something I am not considering.

If anyone can help explain this or look at my model, would be greatly appreciated.




  • Hi Dave,

    That is strange.. Would you be able to share your files via your preferred file sharing service so I can double check the setup please? 

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  • Hi Chloe

    Apologies, I seem to have fixed this issue as I believe I was making a small error when I was normalising my signals. After normalising my transmission signal, I was then normalising the reception signal, which caused the reception signals to be normalised against the initial transmission signal and hence the  increased amplitude.

    Not sure if this post will benefit the OnScale community in anyway so happy to delete this post if you deem it now unsuitable.


    Dave :)

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  • Glad you found the issue, let's just keep this up incase anyone makes a similar mistake. Thanks!

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