Place Measurement Points Along Geometry Axis in Analyst Answered

Hi there,

I have a transducer model which involves graded geometry, such as shown in the figure.

The model was designed in CAD and then imported using Analyst functions. What I require is displacement measurement points along the surface of this device (following the red line in even increments). 

The way in which I have done this before for single measurement points (successfully) is open the geometry in designer mode, and manually extract the location for the measurement point. For example the green point in the image is done this way and was obtained through Analyst as:

hist xyz zdsp -0.00375276 -0.00375276 0 0.00119607 0.00119607 0 0.00927579 0.00927579 0

Now I'm looking to take these measurements over, say 100 points along the surface (following the red line in the image), such that it will confirm to the geometry of the device. Which doing it the original way would take a horrid amount of time.

Is there a way in which I can automatically get these values using Analyst?

Thanks for any help.

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  • Hi Adam,

    You could to write some code that could do this. Please refer to the command reference, in the Symbol Commands tab, under the symb section. The #get command for elemental entities has an option that allows you to get identify the material of an element.

    For example

    symb #get { cmat } matelem (erodeopt) i j k

    You could use this as the basis of logic that identifies the surface, to enable you to place the measurement points on your line. 

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