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Hello.. I am not able to add new materials in my project list due to lack of material properties like bulk and shear attenuation. I would like to know that, the method or formula you have taken to find out the attenuation of materials. And also I would like to know that how to fix the simulation run time for different frequency of interest.


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    Hi there, 

    If you do not know the attenuation properties you do not need to include them, just untick the damping checkbox - 

    We cannot provide the full information on how we calculate the attenuation of materials as this is proprietary information, however you can find out some information here.

    You can define the simulation runtime as a function of frequency of interest using the code below. This example runs for 40 cycles at 1 MHz:

    where freqint = 1e6 in this case.

    Best Regards,


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  • Thank you for your response Ms.Chole Allison . I am using damping materials such as synthetic acoustic damping material(SADM),Perspex etc for underwater applications.So damping or attenuation is very important property in order to match the simulation results with experimental results. I tried damping tool for solving this. But i didn't get the concept of how adding bulk loss and shear loss of each material. According to this article"what is material damping",it require damping constant for fixing attenuation value.I really don't know how to find it.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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