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I am trying to run a simple 3D model of a pierzoelectric sensor mounted on a CFRP composite plate.

When I try to estimate the model I get n error message which says "Your model failed to estimate due to a syntax error in the input deck.

When I check the output file (.flxprt file), I see that the it says that the "Error occured in subroutine pizinp" and the error message is "data grup member out of range" followed by 0 and 132756.

Please assist me in debugging this error.

Robin James


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    Hey Robin,

    We have recieved the files and will look into why you are seeing this error. We will also resolve the issue on this post for anyone experiencing similar issues.

    Best regards,


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  • The issue with the model you had set up was primitive related Robin.

    When defiing the beginning and ending coordiantes of a primitive the begin values must be the minimum value of the extent and the end value must be the maximum.

    For example if you wanted to create a rectangle that was 10mm in x and began at the origin if you defined x begin = 10mm and x end = 0mm visually in the UI there wouldn't look like an issue but if you preview the model the primitive won't be accounted for instead there would be a blank preview




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  • Thanks you so much for your prompt response

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