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"Hello, when I try to use the spline tool it freezes. Is there a way to get the spline data using code? I would like to get the pressure and velocity in the middle of my model instead of time dependent at one point. I attached the code for my model."


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    There are known issues with the spline tool in the post processor that we will hope to fix in the near future.

    In the meantime, you can use a post processing script to accomplish the same thing.

    Save the following code in a review script (.revinp) and code will slice down a particular I indice. You can substitute the I for J and K indices as well.

    read d1 'MyOutputFile.flxdato'

    symb ispline = 50

           plot pmax i $ispline 

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  • Thank you. What do i, J, and K stand for? Also, what does 50 mean?

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