how to load a designed function by coding in ANALYST? 回答済み


I want to use other function,such as  square wave pulse,Sinusoidal signal modulated by Hanning window and so on ,not to use the func wvlt ,func gaus,func sine command.How to make it?



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    Hi there,


    Have a look at our time function tool. This will help you visualise the functions you wish to create.


    Best Regards,


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  • can't this post allow to be published?

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  • Thank you very much,Miss Chloe.

    I want to use the function that I define , should I generate the .dat file in other ways ?

    And then, how to generate the .dat file?

    Best Regards 

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  • HI,

    Could you please reply me?

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  • hey,

    what is the matter?

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  • The .dat file is just a text file with two columns of data, time and amplitude.


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  • OK,

    thanks a lot ,Mr Oliver

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