FBAR Simulation in Designer Interface

Model Description

Simulating FBARs has long been seen as a challenging subject due to their inherent electromechanical coupling and their relatively large acoustic size. OnScale allows full 3D models of these devices to be simulated in the time domain, providing a full spectrum of results from a single simulation. With OnScale on-demand HPC, hundreds of designs can be simulated in parallel to open up the realms of optimization of these devices in sensible time frame.

Here is a simple CAD model of a FBAR filter design which can be imported into OnScale through Designer, our CAD based simulation interface.



Model Geometry

Parametric Variables

The base CAD model was created in Onshape and allows the following design variables to be adjusted. By default the thickness of the piezoelectric and electrode layers are added as configuration variables for quick access through the Configuration Panel in Onshape.

Parametric Variable Description Default Value
piez_layer Thickness of piezoelectric Layer 1.2 µm
alelec Thickness of electrode 220 nm
airgap Thickness of air gap 800 nm
smrbackx Length of backing in X 15 µm
smrbacky Length of backing in Y 15 µm
activex Length of electrode in X 10 µm
active y Length of electrode in Y 10 µm


Here are a list of the types of outputs to expect from this model:

  • Electrical Impedance and Admittance
  • Q of Resonances
  • Mode Shapes (Harmonic Analysis) of base design


Post Processor 3D Outputs

Runtime Statistics

Model size 114912 elements
Solve Time 172 s (4 CPU)
Core Hours 0.191
Memory Usage 42 MB
Recommended CPU Configuration 4 CPU

CAD Project File

The following input files are required to run this model, click here to download the input files:

Download: FBAR 3D Project

The base CAD model is publicly available to view and copy through Onshape:

Model: FBAR 3D Onshape