Tonpilz Transducer 3D - CAD


Displacement of Tonpilz at Peak Compression and Tension

Model Description

The Tonpilz  a.k.a langevin or acoustic mushroom are able to achieve a combination of low frequency and high sensitivity in a compact footprint which makes them ideal as projectors for sonar applications.

The 3D CAD is a quarter symmetric model of a Tonpilz stack with water load in contact with the head mass. Acoustic outputs such as Transmit Voltage Response and Directivities can be extracted from the simulation very easily using our Post Processor.


Model Geometry

Parametric Variables

The base CAD model was created in Onshape and allows the following design variables to be adjusted. By default the number of piezoelectric layers, the piezoelectric thickness, and the bolt length are added as configuration variables for quick access through the Configuration Panel in Onshape. There are also two different head shapes available: Cylindrical and Hexagonal.

Parametric Variable Description Default Value
#pzt_radin Piezoelectric ring inner radius 2 mm
#pzt_radout Piezoelectric ring outer radius 4 mm
#pzt_thick Piezoelectric ring thickness 2 mm
#ncer_layers Number of Piezoelectric layers 6
#bolt_length Center bolt length 21 mm


Here are a list of the types of outputs to expect from this model:

  • Electrical Impedance and Admittance
  • Mode Shapes (Harmonic Analysis) of base design
  • Directivities
  • Transmit Voltage Response


Post Processor 3D Outputs

Runtime Statistics

Model size 247408 elements
Solve Time 100 s (4 CPU)
Core Hours 0.111
Memory Usage 32 MB
Recommended CPU Configuration 4 CPU

CAD Project File

The following input files are required to run this model, click here to download the input files:

Download: Tonpilz Transducer 3D Project

The base CAD model is publicly available to view and copy through Onshape:

Model: Tonpilz Transducer Onshape