Merging Files

Review allows you to merge simulation and experimental files so they share a common time or frequency range.

As a result, the time step between experimentally derived samples usually differs from those generated by OnScale in the time history. To merge the two data sets, use the "make" command.

After reading in the two files use the MAKE TIME FREQ subcommand to define the x axis:

read f1 results.flxhst
read f2 colm experimental.dat
file f3
freq from f2
curv { f1 1 }
curv { f2 1 }

The OnScale history file is read into local file f1 and the experimental columns of data into local file f2. After entering the MAKE primary command and generating a new local file f3, use 'freq from f2' to tell Review to use the current frequency step from the experimental file for the new local file. You then generate two new curves for f3, from the OnScale history file and from the experimental data.