3. Geometry

The simplest CMUT model which can be simulated in OnScale is a 2D axisymmetric model made up of entirely continuum elements operating in a void environment. This CMUT model geometry consists of 3 main parts:

  1. Membrane- thickness and diameter effects operation 
  2. Cavity - depth is another typical design consideration
  3. Substrate


The model geometry for a simple model like this can be set up using the geom command:

    xcrd $x1 $x2 $i1 $i2
    xcrd $x2 $x3 $i2 $i3
    ycrd $y1 $y2 $j1 $j2
    ycrd $y2 $y3 $j2 $j3
    ycrd $y3 $y4 $j3 $j4
    ycrd $y4 $y5 $j4 $j5
    skew stnd                   /* Skews the entire grid for simplicity